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Does the cord of the net rub off?

The net is adapted to the basket, the cord is in color but does not rub off because it is made of polyester material.


Can the net go in the dryer?

The net is tumble dry which makes the process even easier; just return the net to the person it belongs to.

If you don't have a dryer, hang the socks on the drying rack and position the net on the same line so that you can clearly recognize who owns the socks.

It is even possible to leave the socks in the net and place the net on the drying rack, but on condition that the socks are wrung out very well beforehand, and that the net is not too full of socks.

Firmly close the net button to prevent the socks from slipping out during washing and spinning.


Can we put other laundry than socks?

Yes, it is possible to wear underwear.

On the other hand, you should avoid putting bras in the drum of the washing machine/dryer at the same time as the net, at the risk of the hooks of the bra catching on the net.


Can the basket be cleaned?

The basket is washable at low temperature


Can we iron the basket?

The basket is ironed (recommended upon receipt of the product, using with a cloth on the canvas); this will allow the basket to regain its beautiful round shape.


Can the net be ironed?

No, the net cannot be ironed; it could burn.

From what age can a Pairinbox be given to a child?

The concept can be used from the age of 3 (the net sometimes has a button that could be ingested in case of inattention).


Pairinboxes are shipped upon receipt of payment for the order

Depending on the destination, delivery is estimated between 5 and 8 days (except public holidays: count 3 more days)


Returns are possible within 8 days from the day of delivery and we guarantee reimbursement if the product has not been used and is returned in its original packaging.


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